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Step #17: Time to Do - Do You Know About the Inquiry Status Section?

Step #17: Time to Do - Do You Know About the Inquiry Status Section?

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​Inquiry Page Layout

Inquiry Status section Open any Inquiry by clicking on the name of the Inquiry from the list view 

1. Inquiry Status – To update the status, double click on this field, select from the following drop down list, and click on the “Save” button or press “Control S” key board command 

  a. New 

  b. Contact Attempted 

  c. Contacted 

  d. Interview Completed 

      i. SRM should not allow AA to update the status to        Interview Completed without the following information: -Name - Primary Phone Number - Permanent Address - Program of Study - Start Date - Lead Classification 

  e. Future Interest - Future Interest Date – Required field if Future Interest Date status is selected -Date selected in this field cannot be more than 90 days 

  f. Opportunity Initiated (after student logs in to SEP) - This is a system generated status at the Inquiry stage to close out the Inquiry when an Inquiry has been converted to an Opportunity. 

  g. Remarketing 

      i. Remarketing Reason – Required selection from drop down list if Remarketing is selected in the Inquiry status - Remarketing Sub Reason – Required selection from drop down list based on Remarketing Reason selected 

2. Inquiry Record Type 

    a. This is system generated and cannot be updated by the AA 

3. Days in Current Status - check that this is correct by looking at the Inquiry History section and calculating the days in current status