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Step #2: Time to Do - Do You Know How To...?: Getting Started with Inquiries

Step #2: Time to Do - Do You Know How To...?: Getting Started with Inquiries


Getting Started with Inquires provides viewers a closer look at the Inquires object in Salesforce. The student’s life-cycle begins at inquiry and viewers will become familiar with the object’s shortcuts, command buttons, record details, and related lists.

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Adding an Inquiry

Begin by pretending you are an Advisor.  The first two steps is what an Advisor would see and do when adding and inquiry directly from a pop/call presented to them via IQM from Genesys.

1. Advisor would make sure their toolbar is in "Ready" status.Click "Make Ready" on the toolbar

2. Advisor would Answer the Inbound call

Because you are unable to test the first two steps as an Advisor, you will start with step #3.

3. While on the phone with the caller, click on "Go to Salesforce" to open the "Add an Inquiry" page in SRM.

4. The Admissions Advisor may input information on the "Add an Inquiry" page while on the phone with the caller.

Complete the Add an Inquiry form 

Select the origin of the lead
Info Call


Live Chat

Warm Transfer

Follow the system prompts and enter all the required information
If the lead origin is Info Call, Live Chat, or Warm Transfer:

Enter the applicable Source Code if available/known
Only used by specific AAs on specific marketing campaigns

Select the applicable Channel Group
Channel Groups are specific Marketing Channels

Required if Source Code is not entered

Select the applicable Promotion
Promotions are tied to Channel Groups

Required if Channel Group is selected

Click "Add an Inquiry" button  - the Inquiry will be assigned to the user who created it (click image to enlarge)

The system will display a successful or error message depending on the result of the submission

If the Inquiry has been successfully added into the system, the message “Success: Your lead is being created” will be displayed and the Inquiry will be automatically assigned to the Admissions Advisors' queue. He/she can go to his/her Inquiry List Views to work on the Inquiry.

If the Inquiry has been rejected by the system as a duplicate, the message “Error Number 1099 This lead appears to be a duplicate base on First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number/Email provided. The reference id for this submission is XXXXXXXX.” The Admissions Advisor can search for the reference number from global search to look into the existing Inquiry details.

Further information an Advisor needs to know:

5. Hang up the call using your phone or click to the "Hang Up" button on the toolbar.Once the call is disconnected, the toolbar remains unavailable/locked until the 'Add an Inquiry' page is completed.

6. If the caller IS added as an Inquiry, follow the prompts on the 'Add an Inquiry' page, fill in the remaining information, and click 'Add an Inquiry' to officially add the caller as prospective student.

7. If the caller IS NOT added as an Inquiry, the Admissions Advisor clicks the "X" to provide further information on why the Inquiry was not added.

8. Once the red X is clicked, the 'Unable to Convert Call' screen appears. 

a. The Admissions Advisor must select a reason why the Inquiry was not added from the drop down.


c. After selecting the Unable to Convert Call reason from the drop down, the Admissions Advisor clicks "Save".This step unlocks the toolbar.

d. Note: If the red X is clicked from the Unable to Convert Call screen, the user is returned to the Add an Inquiry section and the toolbar remains locked until an inquiry is added or the unable to convert call reason is saved.

e. The toolbar appears as "Ready" when the Unable to Convert Call reason is saved or the Inquiry is added.