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Step #2a: Time To Do - Do You Know How To...?: Interaction Log

Step #2a: Time To Do - Do You Know How To...?: Interaction Log

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Interaction Log

This section shows what activities are completed when a call pops to an Advisor

1. Open Inquiry or Opportunity 

2. Go to Interaction Log at the bottom of the page 

3. Make sure related to field is blank but the Name field under Activity Results should be populated with the right name 

4. Select from Activity Results drop down 

5. Make sure Name has the Inquiry name 

6. Select from the Type drop down 

7. Subject box 

a. This is where you will enter a summary of the interaction 

b. The following drop down fields are also available but it is a best practice to enter the summary of the interaction in the this field because the Activity History section displays the “Subject” field, making it easy for the AA to see his/her high level interaction history notes with the prospective student: 

i. Call

ii. Send Letter 

iii. Other 

c. You can also select one of the available drop down fields and then type in a summary of the interaction 

8. Enter details of interview in Notes box 

9. Click on Save 

10. Make sure your entry is saved under the Activity History section