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Step #9: Time To Do - Do You Know About Field Permissions?

Step #9: Time To Do - Do You Know About Field Permissions?

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Read/Write Fields - Page Layout

Opportunity and Person Account Page Layout 

Open an Opportunity and Person Account 

1. Take note of which fields can be updated in Opportunity. Only the following can be updated directly in Opportunity: 

a. Program and/or Start Date 

b. Opportunity Stage 

c. Information for Enrollment d. Sending Emails, Creating Tasks/Events, Sending Assessments 

d. Creating Cases 

e. Adding notes via the Interaction Log 

2. Take note of the fields that needs to be updated in the Person Account 

3. You will see an pencil icon next to field indicating it is an editable field. 

4. Take note of fields with a lock icon next to it, this means it is not editable. 

Manually create an Opportunity 

If a Closed (in Remarketing status; Cancel status in CampusVue; Reverse Start status in CampusVue) Opportunity reaches out to an AA (via email, chat, phone call, etc.), the AA must manually create a Reengaged Opportunity. 

i) AA needs to look for the correct Person Account or the previously closed Opportunity 

ii) AA needs manually create a Reengaged Opportunity by clicking on “New Opportunity” button 

iii) AA needs to add the student’s name in the Opportunity Name field, projected closed date, and other required fields 

iv) The newly created Opportunity will be automatically assigned to API CTI and auto-populate Opportunity data fields previously collected 

v) AA will need to have the opportunity assigned to them 

vi) Status will start at Re-engaged and AA will progress the prospect accordingly (cannot skip App In Progress and App Received status) Reengaged Opportunities are Readmitted leads or Closed Opportunities that have been re-opened, both scenario automatically starts the progression at a Reengaged status 

i. Contact Attempted 

ii. Contacted 

iii. Interview Complete 

iv. Application In Progress 

v. Application Submitted 

vi. Application Received 

vii. Pending Enrollment 

viii. Pending Enrollment Audit Failed 

ix. Closed Enrolled 

x. Future Interest 

xi. Remarketing