Step by Step model Drawing: Addition

Step by Step model Drawing: Addition

Author: Kylie Moss

At the end of the week, students will be able to complete an addition word problem by using the step by step model drawing successfully by creating their own video and showing their understanding of each step for a given word problem by the teacher.

This video is based on Singapore Math's "Step by Step Model Drawing". The video shows how to solve a simple addition word problem by using each step. Students will solve a word problem with the teacher in their math journals and then attempt to solve a problem on their own for understanding. Student understanding will be checked at teacher table. Assessment will be that students create a video solving an addition word problem on their own using an iPad app.

The steps are as follows:

1. Read the entire problem.

2. Rewrite the question in sentence form, leaving a space for the answer. (Answer Statement)

3. Determine who and/or what is involved in the problem.

4. Draw the unit bars. (All the same size at first to show being equal)

5. Chunk the problem, adjust the unit bars and fill in the question mark.

6. Correctly compute and solve the problem.

7. Write the answer in the sentence, and make sure the answer makes sense.

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Step by Step Model Drawing Steps