Stewart 5.2 - Summations and Area

Stewart 5.2 - Summations and Area

Author: Michelle Hapich

Students will be able to find summations and use these to find areas under curves.

In the beginning problems, students will be able to find summations with small upper bounds, then they will be able to use formulas to find sums with large upper bounds.

Eventually they will use this along with limits to find infinite sums, and hence find areas under curves.

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Introduction to Summations (2nd video - 1st is in the last 5-2 lesson)

This video introduces the vocabulary and notation of summations.

More with summations (3rd video including last lesson)

Bobby, Alec, and I do a few problems involving summations.

Summations part 4

This is more examples using summation properties and theorems of summations.

Summations part 5

This is the last example from the notes. There will be more examples shown where a does not equal zero.