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Stewart 5.2 - Summations and Area (now this is serious!)

Stewart 5.2 - Summations and Area (now this is serious!)

Author: Michelle Hapich

This tutorial has two more examples for finding area under a curve using the limit definition of a derivative.  In these examples, the lower bound is not zero.

Once you are done with these two examples, you should be able to do find the area under any polynomial curve of degree 3 or less.

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Summations Video #6

In this example, a does not equal zero.

Summations Video #7

In this example, you will be cubing a quantity for f(x sub i), so I will review the use of Pascal's triangle.

Wednesday's "ticket in the door"

Show me at least one completed problem from Stewart #21, 23-25.

This is worth 5 points.  If it is not done at the very beginning of class, it's a zero.

Check your final answer.  If you make a mistake, you must fix it, and show me where you went wrong and where you found your mistake.