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Stoichiometry Problems #1

Stoichiometry Problems #1

Author: Ryan Archer

Solve homework problems from Stoichiometry Problems #1

Solve homework problems from Stoichiometry Problems #1

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Solve homework problems from Stoichiometry Problems #1

Stoichiometry Practice #1 Homework

Solve homework problems from Stoichiometry Problems #1

Stoichiometry Problems 1


Stoichiometry Problems #1

Solve the following problems using dimensional analysis.  Use your new mole road map to help you.  Be sure to show all work and to circle your final answer.

Balance the following equations

  1. ____ C8H18  +  ____ O2   -->  ____ CO2 + ____ H2O
  2. ____ C2H2  +  ____ O2   -->  ____ CO2   + ____ H2O
  3. ____ Mg  +  ____ O2   -->  ____ MgO
  4. ____ NH3  +  ____ O2   -->  ____ NO +  ____ H2O
  5. ______ SO2  +   ____ O2   -->  ____ SO3

Solve the following problems:

1.      How many molecules of O2 would be used if 8.50 X1023 molecules of CO2 were produced? (use equation A)

2.      How many moles of O2 would be used if 2.99 X1025 molecules of C2H2 were also used? (use equation B)

3.      How many grams of MgO would be produced if 500 liters of O2 were used in the reaction? (use equation C)

4.      How many liters of O2 would be used if 170 grams of NH3 were reacted? (use equation D)

5.      How many molecules of SO3 would be produced by reacting 50 moles of SO2? (use equation E)