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Storing up on Water

Storing up on Water

Author: Joseph Parish
Frequently we discover that most people consider storing up on water as an emergency measure in the case of a major disaster. These people tend to equate the storage of food and water with a calamity of immense proporations but it is really for the more personal crisis such as loss of employment or self sufficiency. During this Sophia Class we will concentrate upon storing up on water for any type of issue large or small.


We find a need for clean, potable water as a life essential factor especially during times of emergency. Without sufficient water we would fail to stay alive. We use water for a variety of uses ranging from cleaning ourselves to preparing our food. Having a plentiful supply of water during and after a disaster cannot be stressed enough. We will slowly cover the essentials necessary to store and sanitize water as necessary. 
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Sophia Storing up on Water Assignment