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Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger

Author: Cheryl Tanis
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Lesson Plan

California State University, Stanislaus

Turlock, California

Department of Physical Education and Health

COURSE: Health Education (Grade 6)

LESSON TITLE:  Stranger Danger

HEALTH CONTENT AREA: Injury Prevention and Safety

HEALTH CONTENT STANDARD(S): Practicing health-enhancing Behaviors: 7.2S Practice safe use of technology

OBJECTIVE(S): After the lesson, students will be able to list at least three methods for safe use of technology that they can apply in their lives.

CONTENT: Materials Needed

  • Social Networking worksheet


Begin with activity where students share some personal information with their peers. Open discussion of prior knowledge about stranger danger and lecture on current (age appropriate) material

STUDENT ASSIGNMENT: The student will complete a worksheet on safe social networking.

EVAUATION/ASSESSMENT: Based off the worksheet students will know what is safe and appropriate to post on social networking sites. As well as ways to protect themselves.


Internet Safety Tips

Follow this link and review the tips listed for safe use of the internet.

Source: Internet Safety Tips for Kids and Teens. National Children's Advocacy Center.

Stranger Danger Review