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Strategic Management

Strategic Management

Author: michael ritchey

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DUE DATE: Saturday 12, August 2017 
DUE TIME: 12:00 Mid day 
Building on the Previous work so far: 
1.    Analyze the six paths to creating blue oceans (pages 49-80) as they pertain to your company/product or service (3–5 pages). Be sure to develop at least two new strategies based on the six paths and write a description of the plan. 
2.    Determine what can be done (or has been done) to appeal to customer tiers outside your target market (from previous work). Develop at least one new strategy to appeal to one or more of these groups, and write a description of that plan. 
3.    Develop a new strategy canvas incorporating the FIVE new strategies your team suggests. Three strategies will be from current work, and two were suggested in your previous work (from your Buyer Utility Map analysis). 
4.    Your plans for incorporating findings from 1 and 2 above should be about 1–2 pages. 
5.    Your new strategy canvas in unit five should consist of the two new strategy factors suggested in your previous work (item 3), and the three new strategy factors from current work (items 1 and 2). In other words, you are creating an entirely new strategy canvas profile proposal different from the 'as is' one created in your previous work. 
This paper will be 8–10 pages and will include: 
1.    An analysis of the six paths to creating Blue Ocean Strategies, and at least two new strategies based on this analysis. 
2.    A plan to address customers outside your target market, including at least one new strategy to focus on one or more of these groups. 
3.    Draw a new strategy canvas after your new strategy is (or has) been implemented.
Please include a title page, abstract, table of contents, and a reference page in addition to the actual content pages required. Be sure your paper is well written, and free of grammatical errors.
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