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String Art

String Art

Author: sdlnp2 sdlnp2

My attempt to make a string art tutorial without being able to do the craft ahead of time.

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I am currently debating what subject to go into teaching, but at present, I teach boys who are all around the age of 10 years old and who are currently Cub Scouts in a den that I run as their leader.  We will be making a string art project, and due to the craziness of finals, I have yet to actually make the final project to photograph myself.  I was forced to use someone else’s completed works (bibliography included) to highlight what I mean and how I hope the project goes when I teach it to the kids.  It is my hope that you’ll be able to follow along with my lesson and do the project yourself at home, at least that’s what the working thought was in the back of my mind in making the video.  I stumbled a bit over my words and it’s not as fluid as maybe I would have hoped it would be, but ultimately, I think it does what I need it to do.  Future versions of this (who are we kidding, I did probably 15 versions of each slide before I decided what I had was presented well) will include a more smoother transition, as well as a microphone.  I think I went hoarse from yelling into my computer 😊