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Strong Solutions Statements

Strong Solutions Statements

Author: Soma Jurgensen

Explore the elements of a strong solution statement in a proposal. This tutorial includes the cost/benefit portion of the statement.

Now that you've fully diagnosed the problem, it's time to prescribe the solution.


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Keep Solution Statements Straightforward

Now that you've diagnosed the problem, it's time to prescribe the solution. Just remember:

K - Keep

I - it

S - Simple

S - Solution

Often writers of proposals will forget to state their solutions outright. They have spend so much time thinking about the solution that they may assume it has come through in the writing already. It has not. Use the following steps to make sure you state your solution clearly and completely before going into the costs and benefits.

  1. What is your solution? Be exact, concise, and transparent.
  2. Answer the "why." Why is YOUR solution the best one? Use external research to support your idea. Have competitor's used it? Do the experts agree? Anticipate questions like these from your reader and answer them before they can ask.
  3. What's the plan? How long will it take? What resources are needed (remember there is more to consider than cash.) What is the scope of the project? How do your answers to these questions fit into the company's current activities?

This section should take at most three "paragraphs." I put paragraphs in quotes because you might have an introduction sentence with some bullet points instead of a formal paragraph.

Happy writing!

Solution Statements the Persuade

It's time to present your solution.

Solution Statements the Persuade (Ppt slides)

This Ppt is the basis of the YouTube video.