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"STRONG STEM" Irregular Preterit Verbs - Really irregular!

"STRONG STEM" Irregular Preterit Verbs - Really irregular!

Author: Melissa Schenck

To recognize and apply patterns in irregular verbs to correct written and oral communication in the past tense. Click on the "SEE MORE" link to see some clarifying notes and some STUDY TECHNIQUES! 

BE SURE TO TAKE NOTES ON WHAT IS BELOW/IN THE VIDEOS!!!! ALSO, you should print out the song lyrics!

In these videos, you will see several verbs that are very irregular in the preterit tense. One way to refer to this group of verbs is the "strong stem" irregular preterit verbs. Not only are their endings a little different, but their stem (base) also looks different.  Upon watching the videos, you will notice that:

1) many of these are irregular in the PRESENT tense (go verbs)

2) none of these have the typical preterit accents

3) they have a certain set of endings in common (the only exceptions being the ir/ser/ver/dar set and how the "i" disappears from "ieron" with verbs like traer and decir

4) that you could divide these into 4 groups based on the new spelling of their stems:

  • A: ir/ser/ver/dar
  • ​B: "I" group - venir, hacer, querer
  • C: "U" group - estar, tener, andar, poder, poner, saber       (- you *could* even put estar, tener and andar in their own "UV" group) 
  • D: "J" group - decir, traer, conducir (and other verbs that end in "cir")

The best way to learn the irregular conjugations of these verbs is to practice with them.  Here's some suggestions for how to do that.

  • Familiarize yourself with WHICH ones have these changes. If you make flash cards for endings, perhaps choose a different color card for verbs of each group so that you associate the verb with the group its in.
  • Learn the "yo" forms so that you can then apply the spelling from those forms to the spelling of the rest of the forms. The song below might help with this!!! 
  • Learn the set of endings that go with all of these. You could use something like ("irregular preterit verbs"), (Spanish -> web -> games -> "irregular preterit verbs"), ("irregular preterit verbs"), or even (Spanish grammar (on left), - preterit verbs - irregular)  to help you practice
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Irregular Preterit Notes Video

TAKE NOTES, fill out the tutorial form and watch out for the secret word!

In the video, the teacher calls these "TRIANGLE" verbs, which is his name for them. In class, I will more likely refer to them as "STRONG STEM" verbs, but the "triangle" way might help you remember the endings better!

These are the conjugations for the most common irregulars in the preterit tense. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE VER/DAR/IR/SER, but these are also weird irregulars.

You verbs are extra but you may them from time to time:
---Other verbs that work like "poder" "poner" "saber" are "caber (cup-) to fit" "haber (hub-) to be (as in "hubo un huracan" - there was a hurricane).
---Other verbs that work like "traer" and "decir" are "conducir (conduj-) to drive" "traducir (traduj-) to translate" and "producir (produj-) to produce)
---Other verbs that work like "estar" and "tener" are "andar (anduv-) to walk" and any verb that ends in "tener", like "obtener", "mantener" and "contener"
---Another verb that works like "hacer" is "satisfacer (satisfic/z-) to satisfy"

The secret word this time is "TRIANGLE". Complete the tutorial and tell me this word by the day the tutorial is due 13/11/13 for something special :-)

Source: ElSrMullins/YouTube

Preterit Irregulars Song

You may be surprised, but putting irregular verbs to music and learning the lyrics truly might help you conjugate your verbs. Grab some maracas and sing along :-)

Lyrics are below!

Source: Senor Jordan/YouTube

"Strong Stem" Irregular Preterit Verbs Tutorial Form

This form is due 13/11/13. Fill out this form to the best of your ability. Rewatch the video(s) and/or consult your notes if need be. If you cannot see the form, please email me and I will send you a copy.
Don't forget to look for the secret word from the tutorial!

Source: melissa schenck/google drive

Lryics to Irregular Preterit Verbs Song

Print it off and you'll always have it! If your printer is not working, there will be a few extra copies at school.


Source: Senor Jordan