Structure Basics: How to Make Things Look 3-D

Structure Basics: How to Make Things Look 3-D

Author: Jim Pappas

Students will be able to construct ADVANCED FORMS from BASIC THREE DIMENSIONAL shapes.

Students will be able to answer the following question:

  • What are the basic building blocks of structure?
  • The difference between sphere, cylinders and cubes
  • How to draw cylinders correctly
  • How to draw cubes correctly


You can simplify pretty much any organic object into sphere, cylinders and cubes or a combination of these three forms. In this episode Stan will explain when and how to use each form and outline specific techniques that you will be asked to practice before our next in-class meeting.

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Wk #5 Structure Basics Handout

Be sure to print this handout as you follow through the video tutorial. Most of the information is on the video, however when working with your Pose Packet you'll want quick and easy access. Keep this in your binder as a study guide for our final.

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Structure Pose Packet

Study and work through each pose locating the FORMS discussed from class. While some torso might work better with cubes, you can use any of the three forms or combination of the three forms you feel comfortable with. Label your poses to keep track of the time limit and STYLE you’ve been working on to monitor your progress.

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