Structure of Government

Structure of Government

Author: Jason Heiser
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Structure Day 2

This is the review of the Constitution Scavenger hunt you did yesterday and for homework last night.

Source: Jason Heiser

Structure Who represents you Day 2 continued

Today we looked at the people who represent us at the Federal, state, and local levels of government. Discussed what a district is and how it is formed

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Questions for today Day 3

Looked a questions in regard to the structure and later function of government

Source: Jason Heiser

Structure Day 3

discussed questions listed above and how they are a part of how the government works

Source: Jason Heiser

Structure: Day 4

Bill of Rights discussed as well a look at the Amendment process

Source: Jason Heiser

Structure: Day 5

checks and balances and the change in how power is used and distributed among those branches and its expansion of power

Source: Jason Heiser

Structure Day 6

Which branch has the most power..

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