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Student Exploration Diffusion (answers)

Student Exploration Diffusion (answers)

Author: Jack Bauer

Student Exploration: Diffusion Gizmo Warm-up Smells are carried by tiny particles that move through the air.

The Diffusion Gizmo™ shows gas particles in a chamber that is divided into two regions by a partial wall. Click Play ( ) and observe.

1. Describe the motion of the gas particles

2. Over time, what is happening?

3. Select the BAR CHART tab, and observe the chart for a few minutes. After the first 30 seconds or so, how much do the numbers of particles in each region change

4. Click Pause ( ), and select the GRAPH tab. What does the graph tell you about the number of particles in region A?

Question: How does temperature affect the rate of diffusion?

1. Observe : Set the temperature ( Temp. ) to 100 K, and press Play . Observe the motion of particles. Click Reset . Then set the temperature to 600 K, click Play , and observe.

How does the temperature of the gas relate to the motion of the particles?

2. Form hypothesis : How do you think temperature will affect the rate of diffusion?

3. Experiment : Click Reset . Set the Wall to 50%, x in A to 100, y in B to 0, Temp. to 100 K, and Particle mass to 15 amu (atomic mass units). Select the TABLE tab. Press Play . Click Pause when x in A first reaches 55% or below. Record this Time to reach equilibrium in the left table below. Repeat four more times at 100 K, and then run five trials with the temperature set to 600 K.

Activity A

4. Calculate : Find the average time to reach equilibrium for each experiment:

A. Average time to reach equilibrium at 100 K:

B. Average time to reach equilibrium at 600 K

5. Draw conclusions : Compare the average times to reach equilibrium for each temperature.

A. How did temperature affect the rate of diffusion?

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