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Student Exploration- Germination (answers)

Student Exploration- Germination (answers)

Author: Jack Bauer

Gizmo Warm-up: 100% Germination Challenge

In theGerminationGizmo, set up the trays however you like:

Drag a packet of seeds to each tray.
Click on the light bulbs to turn them on or off.
Click on the coils to set the heat level.
Drag the Daily water slider up or down to adjust the amount of water the seeds get.
When you are ready, click Play (). How manyseeds can you get to sprout? Can you get 20 out of 20 (100%) to sprout? Good luck!

After the simulation ends (five “days”), count how many sprouts you have (out of 20) in each tray. What percent sprouted? Fill in your results in the blanks below.

To find the percent, divide your number of sprouts by 20, and then multiply by 100.

Hint for mental math: Each seed is 1/20th, or 5%, of the whole. (1/20 = .05 = 5%)

Click Reset () and Clear trays. Try several more tests to see if you can get more seeds to germinate. What conditions made the most seeds sprout?

Activity A:

Water and germination

Get the Gizmo ready:

Click Reset.
Click Clear trays.

Question: Do seeds need water to germinate?

Form a hypothesis: Do seeds need water to germinate? Circle what you think below. This is your hypothesis.

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