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Student Exploration- Growing Plants (answers)

Student Exploration- Growing Plants (answers)

Author: Jack Bauer

Student Exploration: Growing Plants Answer Key

Vocabulary: compost, fertilizer, mass, seed, soil, variable

Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo.)

1.What do you think plants need to grow and stay healthy?

2.Soil is a combination of tiny rock fragments and decayed plant materials. How do you think soil helps a plant?

Gizmo Warm-up: Grow the Biggest Plant!

In theGizmo set up the three pots however you like:

Choose a seed to drag into each pot.
Click on the light bulbs to turn them on or off.
Drag the Water slider up or down to set the amount of water each plant will get.
If you like, drag fertilizer or compost into a pot.
When the pots are ready, click Play () and wait for the simulation to end.
2. How tall was your tallest plant?

3.Click Reset ( ) and Clear pots. Run a few more trials to grow the tallest plants you can. What conditions led to the tallest plant?

Question: Do seeds need water to grow?

1. Form hypothesis: Do you think seeds need water to start growing? Explain why or why not.

2.Set up Gizmo: In the Gizmo, set up the three pots like this:

3.Experiment: Click Play to start. When the simulation is done, observe the plants.

4.Collect data: Fill in the data table below with the height and mass of each plant on day 50. (The mass of a plant is the amount of matter in the plant. It is related to how heavy it is.) In the last column describe what each plant looks like.

5.Draw conclusions: Do seeds need water to grow? (Was your hypothesis correct?)

6.Revise and repeat: Is more water always better? Create your own experiments to find the ideal amount of water for each kind of plant. Explain your findings below.

Question: How does the amount of light affect how plants grow?

1.Form hypothesis: A variable is something that can be changed in an experiment, such as the amount of light. How do you think the amount of light affects how plants grow?

2. Experiment: • Set up the three pots with 50 mL of water per day, plain soil, and turnip seeds. • Turn on three lights over pot A, one light over pot B, and zero lights over pot C. • Click Play. • After 30 simulated days, click Pause

3.Collect data: In the table below, describe each plant after 30 days.

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