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Student Growth Models

Student Growth Models

Author: Ashley Sweatt

In this lesson, students examine the use of student growth data in teacher evaluation.

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Teacher Evaluation and Assessment

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Notes on "Student Growth Models"


(00:00 - 00:08) Introduction

(00:09 - 00:35) What Will You Learn Today?

(00:36 - 01:11) How is Student Growth Connected to Teacher Evaluation?

(01:12 - 01:45) How Should Student Growth be Considered When Selecting a Model?

(01:46 - 03:22) How is Growth Determined Based on Student Growth Percentiles?

(03:23 - 04:55) How is Student Growth Determined Using Value Added Models?

(04:56 - 06:17) Which Model is the Best?

(06:18 - 06:56) What Did You Learn Today?

(06:57 - 07:20) Reflection



Additional Resources

Selecting Growth Measures for School and Teacher Evaluations: Should Proportionality Matter?

This research article examines the measures for student growth and the need to account for school environment and student demographics.

Choosing the Right Growth Measure

This Education Next article states that methods should compare similar schools and teachers.

Battelle for Kids: Student Growth Measures in Ohio 

This portal from the Ohio Department of Education includes a comprehensive review of how student growth measures are calculated and used in the Ohio Teacher Evaluation Model.