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Student Response Systems

Student Response Systems

Author: Heather Cox
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Formative assessment is an essential tool in any classroom.  Using your data to inform instruction leads to a more personalized learning experience for your students.  Based upon your purpose, there are multiple options for STUDENT RESPONSE SYSTEMS.


Meet Nearpod!! Nearpod allows you to create, engage, and assess your students.



Socrative is student response system that allows you to generate short, immediate questions for feedback, or longer summative assessments for the end of a unit.


Kahoot is a fun, engaging way to formatively assess the learning in your classroom, allowing you to inform your instructional path.

Infuse Learning

"Student choice. Visible thinking. Easy. ‘Student response’ will never be the same."

Edmodo Snapshot

"Edmodo Snapshot is a free, easy to use tool that will help prepare your students to master the Common Core or other state standards in ELA or Math. With just a few clicks, Snapshot generates a standards aligned formative assessment on the specific Standard(s) of your choice, and delivers insightful data that paints a clear picture of your students’ performance on state standards. Stop wondering where your students need support to master the standards, and find out using Snapshot."