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Student Response Systems- Collecting Data

Student Response Systems- Collecting Data

Author: Susan Hall

Learning Target 1: Participants will identify different features in student response systems and apply their use to their classroom.

Learning Target 2: Participants will identify the use of student response system in a blended learning setting.

This introduction to the three most popular multi device student response systems highlights the features of Kahoot, Poll Everywhere, and Geddit.

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Geddit Closes @ the End of the 2015 School Year

Sadly, the Geddit site mentioned in the video below has most recently met the software grave yard. I am hoping that our learners will develop and App that will be a good substitute. Another PBL in the making? An afterschool App project for competition? One can only hope. I have attached a link for further information:

Ed Tech Quick Take: Student Response Tools

From the very popular site, this review of the most popular student response systems will help guide you in your quest to collect student data. Students may use a variety of devices to respond using Kahoot, Poll Everywhere, and Geddit.

Source: "EdTech Quick Take: Student-Response Tools -- Poll Everywhere, Geddit, and Kahoot." YouTube. Common Sense Education, 27 Jan. 2015. Web. 16 May 2015.