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Student Tracker/8th Grade/LeFloria's Class

Student Tracker/8th Grade/LeFloria's Class

Author: Rachel Harbert

Student Tracker

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Exit Ticket

Please finish at the end of class and turn into your class folder.


Formative Sketches

Please select the sketch you like the best and circle. Upload and post onto the class website. Make 2 grows and a glow for another student's sketch they selected using art vocabulary.


Personal Assessment/Reflection

Please answer the questions for the personal assessment/reflection.


Artist Statement Flow Chart

Please complete your artist statement referring to the flow chart. Be sure to use 5 art terms to explain and defend your artistic decisions to convey what your big idea is and how you used visual literacy to communicate it. One paragraph minimum.


Vincent van Gogh Unit Checklist

Check off each requirement you complete. Use the space provided as a “To Do” list.


Rubric for Final Project/Artist Statement

Please review each section of the rubric so you know the expectations.