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Study Tools

Author: Paul Ravuru
Students will begin this for their class purpose
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Introduction to Psychology

Analyze this:
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Excel Basics 3.7

Printing with values & Showing formula and Chart.

Computer Programming Basics with Blocks - CODE Registration

Building Blocks

Voice Thread Demo

Add text comments , images, Voice, Video PPT also


This is the EAL Class Recorded for the Activity

Microsoft Word Tools

Microsoft PowerPoint Tools

Hyperlinked Presentation.

Presentation with Hyperlinks.

Edmodo Registration

Registering with Edmodo.

Edmodo Assignment Submission

Edmodo Assignment Submission

How to Start Wikispaces

Working with wikispaces for class purpose

How to keep Books from ISSUE on to Wikispaces webpage.

Digital books

Zoho Slide Show on Wikispaces webpage

Presentations on Wikispaces webpage