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Subjects and Predicates

Subjects and Predicates

Author: Vickie Weiss

By the end of this lesson, students will identify the subject and predicate of sentences. They will stop at the slide that says "Simple Subjects".                                                                                

Students will watch a power point, write answers to the questions, and create three sentences of their own for students  to read and figure out the subject and predicate the next day.

Your job is to watch the power point about Subjects and Predicates. Click on the following site…

Write the answers to the questions you are asked on the worksheet. Stop when you get to the slide that is titled Simple Subjects.

When you are finished, create three sentences of your own. You need to know the correct subject and predicate but do not write the answers on your paper. You will share your sentences with other students tomorrow to see if they can identify your subjects and predicates.



In class, discuss what a subject and predicate is. Have students share their three created sentences with a partner. They will work on one person's sentences at a time and discuss the subject and predicate parts.

Spend about six minutes having students share with different partners.

Pull the class back together. Have a discussion. How did the students feel they did at identifying the subject and predicate parts of the sentence.? What questions did they ask themselves to find the predicate? The subject?  Have students tell what they learned about the job of a subject and predicate in a sentence.

Use document camera to show students some of the games they can play on their devices...   Rags to Riches  Review plus 14 Games

At home the second night, list the websites vicited in class. Ask students to spend a little time playing games.

The next day in class, discuss which were helpful? Fun? Not useful?

Review simple subjects and simple predicates.



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