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Subtraction Review

Subtraction Review

Author: Heather Whyte

Students should be able to fluently subtract two multi-digit numbers. Numbers should range from tens to numbers in the hundred thousands.

This tutorial includes 3 ShowMe videos that review the subtraction strategies that were taught in class. You will also find worksheets that will allow your child to practice their skills. One worksheet focuses specifically on word problems. There is a 10 question quiz that covers vocabulary pertaining to this unit as well as practice problems. Make sure to have a paper and pencil handy when you take the aren't meant to solve these problems in your head!

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ShowMe Subtraction Using the Compensation Method

This ShowMe focuses on using the compensation method to solve subtraction problems. This method is particularly helpful when the minuend (top number) has lots of zeros.

Subtraction with Regrouping (aka Borrowing)

This ShowMe focuses on using the regrouping method to solve subtraction problems.

Subtraction Overview

This ShowMe reviews the different strategies we used in class.

Subtraction Word Problems


Keep On Track

A mix of addition and subtraction practice


Multi-Digit Subtraction Problems