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Summary of "Implementing Competency-Based, Personalized Instruction"

Summary of "Implementing Competency-Based, Personalized Instruction"

Author: Ashley Sweatt

This lesson summarizes the core learning objectives relative to "Implementing competency based, personalized instruction"

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Notes on "Summary of Implementing Competency-Based, Personalized Instruction"


(00:00 - 00:13) Introduction

(00:14 - 00:53) What Did You Learn In This Unit?

(00:54 - 01:54) Competency-Based Education

(01:55 - 02:56) Problem-Based Learning

(02:57 - 03:51) How to Create a CBE, PBL Lesson

(03:52 - 04:38) How to Reflect On Your CBE, PBL Lesson

(04:39 - 05:15) Recap

(05:16 - 05:51) Congratulations!