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Sunflower Life Cycle

Sunflower Life Cycle

Author: Lacey Bizzini-Rathbun

In this lesson the students will be introduced to the life cycle of a sunflower. They will also be introduced to the different terms of a flower.

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Start Here

Today you are going to work your way through these sources to learn about the life cycle of a Sunflower and the parts of a flower. When you're done interacting with each part, take the four question quiz as your exit ticket.

Naming Worksheet

This worksheet is printed out on your desk, fill it in as you move through the lesson.


Life Cycle of a Sunflower

Life Cycles are the series of changes in the life of an organism, including reproduction.

Source: Dictionary Definition of Life Cycle

View Slideshow before taking the mini quiz.

Time Lapse Sunflower Life Cycle

This is a time lapse video of a sunflower growing from seed to wilted flower.

Final Question:

Write me a paragraph about what you learned from today's lesson. Send it to me using google docs.

Standard/ Objective

Standard:3-LS1-1.Develop models to describe that organisms have unique and diverse life cycles but all have in common birth, growth, reproduction, and death.