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Super Kids: Kindergarten- Crazy Catch

Super Kids: Kindergarten- Crazy Catch


The objective of Crazy Catch is to help students master the beginning sounds for example (h, p, c), word families (word endings) and ending sounds such as m, p or r.

Crazy Catch takes place at a lake and the students have a fishing pole that brings them different objects with different  sounds. The students pick their Super Kid that will help cheer them on through out the game. The directions are clearly verbalized by the narrator.

They first listen to the beginning sound as the narrator tells them the word that goes with the corresponding picture. They drag the picture to corresponding basket, there are two rounds of two baskets, then one level of 3 baskets.

once that level is completed the student is moved along to ending sounds. The narrator  says each sound after the correct picture is dropped in the correct basket. If the student answers incorrectly the item goes back on the fishing hook and the narrator asks them to try again, the chosen SuperKid cheers on the student consistently giving them praise.

The last level is three baskets with singular ending sounds and the narrator goes over each sound when they are correct. It's a fun and positive game!!!!!



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Crazy Catch Tutorial

This video goes over how the game is played from the second you choose the Super Kid you want to help you play the game. It will also be a tool to use to answer the quiz questions.

Source: Rowland Reading Foundation, SuperKids app