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Supply Chain Strategy Decisions, management homework help

Supply Chain Strategy Decisions, management homework help

Author: david utsey

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Introduction The development of a supply chain strategy includes considering each of the traditional company functions and their impact on the supply chain as well as the overall business strategy. Consequently, there are many operational decisions to be made when designing a supply chain strategy. In this discussion, we will analyze and evaluate one of these strategic decisions made by Merck.
UPS signed a deal in 2009 with Merck to manage some aspects of its strategic supply chain. The deal expanded the relationship to include aspects of Merck's global supply chain in certain markets in Asia and Latin America, including the emerging markets of China and Brazil.
Instructions For this discussion, read the article, compose your response to the question, and post your response to the discussion forum, “Supply Chain Strategy Decisions.”
Read the Wall Street Journal article:
Loftus, Peter, Dinah Wisenberg Brin. (2009, Jan 7). [attached]

Respond to all questions in one initial posting:
How is UPS helping Merck develop a competitive advantage, and more specifically, which ones?
Why would Merck give up this responsibility to an outside company?
Which of the Strategic Designs does this reflect?

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