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Symbols of America

Symbols of America

Author: Araceli Murillo

H.SS.1.3.3. Identify American symbols, landmarks, and essential documents, such as the flag, bald eagle, statue of Liberty, U.S. Constitution, and Declaration of Independence, and know the people and events associated with them.

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Go through the content on the page and answer the four questions of the quiz.

Once you are done going through the following content and information, answer a short question about National Symbols on the following link: Short Question

National Symbols Slideshow

Here you will be able to see the descriptions of some national symbols. Some are very interesting.

open player in a new window

Source: Fengchuishaster Follow. (2010). USA Symbols. Retrieved November 05, 2016, from

United States National Symbols Video

This video will explain what symbols are and what some National symbols of the United States are.

Source: K. (2014). Symbols of the United States. Retrieved November 05, 2016, from

A Brief History on the Pledge of Allegiance of one of our National Symbols- The Flag

 Click on the following link and read about the history of the pledge of allegiance.

Source: H. (2015). Brief history of the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag. Retrieved November 05, 2016, from