Tableau Admin/Developer Online Training

Tableau Admin/Developer Online Training

Author: John Nash

Vibloo is one kind of platform for eLearning and Teaching, It Provides Online, Video and Classroom Training and Classes for Any type of Course

We provide online training to students and employees all over the world. We have the latest screen and voice sharing software /applications through which the trainees can communicate with the trainers.

Key Objectives in Tableau Online Training

Tableau is an eponymous software application and an innovative approach to Business Intelligence, Data Visualization. Tableau training will teach you advanced techniques and methods to visually analyses data, connecting data and creating views. The sessions are held discovering data visualization with practical demonstration. This course is designed for the beginner to advanced-level Tableau user to improve their knowledge on Data Visualization and Tableau.


Basic Knowledge on Data Visualization

Course Outline

·         Tableau Fundamentals

·         Advanced Topics

·         Tableau Visual Analytics

·         Tableau Server

·         Tableau Administrator

For Complete Course Overview and to a book demo @


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