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Author: Beau Brence
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Tablets: The Ipad has become one of the most used pieces of technology in America over the past three years. It comes in multiple sizes, yet every version is light, easy to store, and simple to use. The key word in most all of my 5 technology trends is CONVENIENT. The Ipad gives students internet capabilities at the palm of their hand, AS WELL as any application that one can download on their Iphone. You have basic accessories that any computer would have such as word documents, excel spreadsheets, and much more. If a teacher were to want their students to pull up a video either at home, or the classroom, the Ipad gives you that capability at the flip of a switch, and has great full screen video quality. With this product becoming more and more in demand due to its tremendous popularity, it’s only a matter of time that there will be one in every classroom at the college level in the near future. I am currently a football coach here at ULM, and before the season we were all issued our own personal Ipad. We are able to track recruiting tape, watch game film, and keep all of our game plans and written documents on our own personal Ipad. We store it in our briefcases so that we can pull it out to work at a moment’s notice. If it can be used in a coach’s office…I have no doubt it will continue to be used in the classroom.