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Take a Trip to Anywhere Around the World

Take a Trip to Anywhere Around the World

Author: Kaila Tuccio

Seeing the World from a Whole New Perspective: Using writing, math, social studies, and research skills to help plan a trip to wherever you want to go!

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Have You Ever Wanted to Travel to Someone Around the World?

Well now you can! Being able to travel somewhere around the world means that there is a lot of work that must be done. You have to research the city, things to do, the culture, hotels, food, and lots more.

When we plan a trip, we have to use what we know from a lot of different subjects, like math, social studies, and writing. It is important that we use our research skills and know how to use technology too!

As our final project, I want you to research somewhere in the world that you would like to go to and plan a vacation to that city or country. You will be spending five days and four nights to wherever you want to go in the world. As a way to show your classmates where you planned your trip to, you will be creating an Animoto video of things you might do or see while you are on your trip.

Best of luck on planning your trip!

Let's Get Started

Step by Step

Step One: Pick out a city that you would like to visit for five days and four nights. In this project, there will be many different parts that you will have to work on. You will be creating a journal of what you did each day on your trip. Next, you will be creating a budget, or a plan for how much money you will spend on the trip. Lastly, you will be creating an Animoto video of pictures of things you did and places your saw while on your trip. 

Step Two: Once you have your city picked out, start by finding out information about the city. You should research or look up information about things to do, places to go and see, hotels to stay at, transportation, and food! You can use books, the internet, or any other resources to help you figure out where you want to go!

Step Three: Next, find out how much airplane tickets will cost to go back and forth to your city and decide where you want to stay when you are there. 

Step Four: Create a list of things that you want to do while you are in the city that you are exploring. This will help you when you create your journal entries. Each day, you are to write a short journal entry based on what you did each day while you were on your vacation. Have fun with this creative writing activity. Use your imagination! You should have a total of five entries once you are complete with your project.

Step Five: Start collecting pictures (on your iPad) of places you want to go or see and things you want to do while you are on your trip. Save them on your iPad so it will be easy when it comes time to creating your Animoto video.

Step Six: Begin to create your Animoto video. Log in and first select the pictures that you want to be in your video. You need at least ten pictures of places you saw, things you did, or activities that you got to do while being away. 

Step Seven: Pick out a style and music that matches the theme of your vacation. This is where you get to be creative! Have fun with this.

Step Eight: Organize your photos in a way that makes sense to you. You can do this by putting them in order of what you did each day or in order of your favorite activity you did to your least favorite. Drag the pictures you have selected around until you get them into an order that you like. 

Step Nine: Remember, three pictures must have captions on them. You can do this by tapping on the photo and adding a caption. This is where you can also rotate the photo or delete it if you do not want it in your video any longer. 

Step Ten: Preview your video to make sure you like the way it looks! This is the fun part!

Step Eleven: Keep track of how much things will cost while you are away. Think about souvenirs, transportation, activities, and food. Create a budget or list with the money that you will be spending each day. At the end of the trip, you will create a total amount of how much your trip will cost you.

Step Twelve: Share your vacation with your classmates! We will have time to show each other our Animoto videos in class, read your favorite journal entry from your trip, and tell each other the total cost of your trip. 

Remember to have fun with this project and use your imagination! You have no limits of what you cannot do while you are on vacation!

Animoto Tutorial

Here is a tutorial that explains how to use the Animoto App!

Source: FranklinTech Franklin

Ms. Tuccio's Animoto Video Example

Click here to see Ms. Tuccio's Animoto video example!

A Peer's Example

This is an example of what your project might look like at the end.

Source: TheAnimotovideos

Student Rubric

Each section of the rubric is worth 25 points a piece. Altogether, the project is worth 100 points.



Remember, the purpose of this project is to show what you have learned throughout the year.

You will need to do the following:

  • Keep a journal for five days of what you did on your vacation.
  • Create a budget or list of the money that you will be spending on your vacation. Remember to include transportation (how will you get to and from your vacation destination?), hotel (where will you stay?), activities (what will you do?), souvenirs (what will you buy to remember your trip?), and food (what will you eat?) in your budget!
  • Research and find out more about the city you have chosen to vacation to.
  • Lastly, create an Animoto video of pictures or images of places and activities you did while on vacation.

Do your best, work hard, and have fun with this project!

Teacher Lesson Plan and Student Rubric

Lesson Plan is for Teacher Use ONLY!