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Taking Steps Toward Better Communication

Taking Steps Toward Better Communication

Author: Essential Skills

Set action steps to become a better communicator.

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Now that you’ve got a SMART goal to help you build your communication skill, it’s time to take action!

Watch as this professor explains how the journey toward your goal might go.

Reflect on what was shared in the video.

  • Why should you break your goal into smaller chunks or action steps?
  • What’s the role of celebration in working toward your goals?
  • Is it ever okay to alter your action steps or should you always keep moving in the original direction you set out on?
Start to think through action steps you might take to meet your communication goal. If you were using the SMART goal in the previous lesson about active listening, you might set some action steps like:
  • Review what it means to be an active listener.
  • Look at the calendar and decide which days to practice active listening before the end of next month.
    • If you already have a check-in meeting with your boss, designate that time for active listening.
    • You may see colleagues and customers everyday, so pick any time that works for you.
  • Schedule some time after each active listening session to reflect on how it went.