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Talk about food in French

Talk about food in French


Here are some key French words and phrases related to Food for people who are travelling to Europe or just going out to a local French restaurant.

Students in French language will discover the different meals in France. They will revise basic vocabulary and they can learn new expressions and phrases by watching video.


Describe the different meals in France.

Learn about food habits in France.

Order a meal in a restaurant : 

How to read a French menu.

Ask questions about starter, main course and dessert or drinks. 

Express likes and dislikes.

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Les repas de la journée

Video about the different meals in France.

Source: youtube (YouLearnFrench)

Les restaurants en France

-Restaurants at Lyon, in France.
-Tell which restaurant you like and what you prefer to eat.

Source: Youtube (Wyllians Lessa)

Questions about the video (listening and understanding)

1 Si je n'ai pas beaucoup d'argent, qu'est-ce que je peux manger ?


2 On va au restaurant pour des occasions spéciales. Citez en trois.


3 En France, on ne va pas souvent au restaurant. Expliquez pourquoi.

Au restaurant

-Comprendre un menu de restaurant en français.
-Commander une entrée, un plat principal et un dessert.
-Comprendre et répondre au serveur.
-Dialogue au restaurant.

Source: Youtube (Flicki2011)