Author: Melissa Hopkins
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Introduction to Psychology

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Please read the following description of what we're practicing today, then play the games below that and take the quiz on the top right.  

Tan and Tanto are two ways we can compare things that are similar.  Here are the formulas:

  • Tan + adjective + como
    • Example:  Marta es tan bonita como una flor.
  • Tanto + noun + como
    • Example:  Juan tiene tanto dinero como María.

Take out a piece of paper and make the following sentences on your own:

  1. Devon is as intelligent as Katie.
  2. I have as many books as you.
  3. The cheerleaders are as important as the team.
  4. The chess club has as many people as the swimming club.

After you have finished these, proceed to the games below.

Game #1

Type the answer - don't forget to go slow and use accents when it gives you the symbol above the sentence!


Game #2

Choose the correct answer and then play the game to practice just saying "as many as" or "as much as".