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Taylor Singleton - Response To Literature Essay

Taylor Singleton - Response To Literature Essay

Author: Taylor Singleton

Although nothing could change what happened at dinner that evening, in the end, Amy's mother gives her two gifts that would eventually become significant to Amy. First, her mother gives her a beige American skirt. This helps Amy to see, years later, that her mother did understand Amy's yearning to be more American. Secondly, Amy's mother tells Amy that she can American on the outside, but she will always have to be Chinese at heart. also, Amy's mother agrees to let her have plastic surgery to fix her nose in order to make it more " American looking." It isn't until Amy grows older that she begins to understand her mother's love and lessons. After all, she had made all of her favorite food for dinner.

Circle the transitional words in this paragraph.

What does Amy's mother do that shows Amy that she understands her?
Give Amy gifts.

Cross out the sentence that is N/A
Amy's mother agrees to let her have plastic surgery to fix her nose in order to make it more "American - Looking".

There are 2 vague pronouns in the last sentence of this paragraph. Cross them out and replace them so we know who is being reffered to.
Replace She for Her mom
Repalce Her for Amy's

Homework Assignment
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