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Teacher Voice and Choice in Professional Development

Teacher Voice and Choice in Professional Development

Author: Jody Waltman

In this lesson, students will examine teacher choice in professional development, empowerment in professional development, and differentiating professional development.

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Notes on "Teacher Voice and Choice in Professional Development"

(00:00 - 00:25) Introduction

(00:26 - 02:12) Teacher Choice in Professional Development

(02:13 - 03:03) Teacher Empowerment Through Choice

(03:04 - 05:13) Differentiating Professional Development

(05:14 - 05:28) Review

(05:29 - 06:04) Stop and Reflect

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Learning Forward Keynote: Autonomy, Accountability, and Professional Learning

This article illustrates the importance of teacher choice in professional development.

The Gates Foundation Examines What Teachers Want in Professional Development

This Association of American Educators article reveals that although most professional development is provided from a top-down approach, professional development where teachers have empowerment and voice is the most powerful.