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Teacher's Guide to Using Shared Google Docs with Students

Teacher's Guide to Using Shared Google Docs with Students


Teachers will be able to create a shared folder with your class. In this folder you can share with your students:

Class assignments
Class announcements
Grading reports
Reading materials
Resources related to what they are studying
Videos, and tutorials and many more.

Shared Google Docs is a feature embedded within Google Docs' services  that allows users to create folders to share with other users.

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Step #1

Log on to Google Drive and click on "Create" then "Folder"

Step #2

Name your new folder



Step #3

Add items to this folder by placing a check in the box and adding to folder.

Step #4

Click on the drop-down menu next to the name of your folder and select " share".

Final Step

Type in the email addresses of your students to share it with them.