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Teaching Math for All to Learn

Teaching Math for All to Learn

Author: Melista Brodnax
  • Provide examples of the helpful resources that provides for those teaching and learning math, at all levels.

  • Explain the usefulness of some of the math resources.

  • Help educators reach students that learn math skills differently.

  • Consider possible uses of

  • Instill good learning and analytical skills in students/children.

Math is a skill that comes naturally to some, but many have to strive for excellence or even comprehension.  www. provides resources to further the understanding of elementary and advanced math skills.  Whether it is basic math skills that parents and teachers are trying to instill, or if it is advanced comprehension for aged students, or even learning basic life skills that require math (financial), there is a learning opportunity here.   Explore the resources that are made available.

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Locating Math Resources

Math can be a difficult subject to teach, but with the use of the resources provided by, you can reach any student. This slide show demonstrates the easy utility of

Creating the Building Blocks for Childrens Math Education

Helping Your Child Learn Math features dozens of fun activities parents can use to help children (K-5th grade) have fun learning geometry, algebra, measurement, statistics, probability and other important mathematical concepts. Activities relate math to everyday life and can be done at home, at the grocery store, or while traveling. It includes sections for parents on what math is like in schools today and a parents' booklist for helping children learn math. (Department of Education)


Determining what Financial Choices You Should Make in Life

Trying to understand finances, and what they mean, is a life skill that all need, but many do not grasp.  Whether it is trying to teach children or adults, this site can make the learning much more comprehensible.   Make loan calculations a concrete example that all can take with them and refer to when needed.

There are budget sheets and many other life skill assistance educational materials available.



Principals of Calculus a Sample Video

This site provides a large collection of videos that demonstrate many of the challenges that come with calculus. It may be that the students can utilize these at home when trying to grasp the concepts, or the teachers, themselves, may learn a new way to explain a topic to the students.