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Teaching Programming with Daisy the Dinosaur

Teaching Programming with Daisy the Dinosaur

Author: C Selwocki

The objective of this tutorial is to introduce the basic functions of the free iPad App Daisy the Dinosaur.


In this tutorial users will learn how the Daisy the Dinosaur iPad App can be used to introduce the students in grade K-3 to basic computer programming logic. 

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Introduction to Daisy the Dinosaur

Daisy the Dinosaur is a free iPad app that can be used to introduce young children to computer programming.


Source: Introduction written by C. Selwocki screen captures are from the Daisy the Dinosaur iPad App

Daisy the Dinosaur Basics

This Slideshow will walk users through the Challenge Mode (tutorial mode).

Source: Slideshow created By C. Selwocki all screen captures and videos came from the Daisy the Dinosaur App

App Integration into Lesson

Attached is a lesson plan form that can be used to integrate Apps into lessons.


Source: App Integration form was completed by C. Selwocki. The from was given out at the iTeach Academy Summer of 2013.