Teaching Resource for Visual Arts and Music

Teaching Resource for Visual Arts and Music

Author: Melista Brodnax
  • Explore www.free.ed.gov
  • Locate Unique Arts and Music Lessons
  • Gain Student Interest in Arts and Music
  • Meet Standards for Instruction of Arts and Music


Providing engaging lessons can be a difficult task, but by utilizing www.free.ed.gov, lesson planning and creation can be made much easier. 

This packet explores Arts and Music.  Often, students fail to realize how interesting these topics are.  They are either drawn to the arts, or they avoid them due to the monotony and failure to grasp the importance of them.  With the assistance of www.free.ed.gov, new and enlightening topics can be explored in various manners.  Even the students that felt that Arts and Music did not affect them, will find that there is a wealth of knowledge waiting to be ascertained.   You as the educator can broaden your student’s horizon and assist them in identifying a new respect and love for the arts.

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Locate and Select a Lesson for use in Arts and Music Classroom

Brief tutorial to introduce www.free.ed.gov to eductors involved in teaching Arts and Music. This demonstration is a step by step instructional mudule that will assist in locating and identifying a lesson that will meet the needs of the Arts and Music eductor.

Online Interactive Lesson Units Concentrating on Arts

Technology and art seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, but when lessons such as these are integrated into the teaching plan, the realization that technology does indeed positivly impact the arts is concluded.

National Gallery of Art's Interactive Collection for Children

The National Gallery of Art provides educators, parents, and students the opportunity to create their own works of art. This is an example of of one such activity that allows the educator to not only reinforce the lessons taught in art but to make the learning process real.

Music Lessons from the Smithsonian

Introducing students to famous composers and assisting them in gaining an appreciation for their contribution to music.

American Roots Music

Music was a means for many of our ancestors to examine the meanings of their daily lives.  The roots of this great country have been documented in the lyrics and songs of the past. Through exploration of the cultural documentation in songs, educators can assist students in gaining an understanding of the complex issues that faced their ancestors as they strove to conquer the land and the inhabitants of America.