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2 Tutorials that teach Teaching Students to Respect Intellectual Property
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Teaching Students to Respect Intellectual Property

Teaching Students to Respect Intellectual Property


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Notes on "Teaching Students to Respect Intellectual Property"

(00:00-00:49) Intro

(00:50-01:11) Objectives

(01:12-02:22) Teacher Responsibilities

(02:23-03:29) What is Intellectual Property?

(03:30-05:18) What is Plagiarism?

(05:19-07:08) How to Avoid Plagiarism

(07:09-07:31) Review

(07:32-08:16) Reflection

Additional Resources

How to Teach Kids About Intellectual Property and Copyright

This article reviews what teachers and students need to know about intellectual copyright in straight-forward language. In addition, this article provides tips for teachers when teaching about intellectual copyright.

United Kingdom Scotland Department of Education: Intellectual Property 

This resource is a curriculum pack intended to students about intellectual property. The curriculum pack includes: Curriculum map, Worksheets, Activities, Answers, and a Glossary of terms making this comprehensive plan easy to use in the classroom. The curriculum map shows how intellectual copyright applies across the curriculum, making this group of lessons relevant to any subject area.