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tech access

tech access


How to make sure you, as a teacher, are making sure all students have the access to the technology used for schoolwork

Making sure all students have the same opportunities in school with all the new technology now involved in school.

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quiz answers explained

Does your student have access to a computer/ laptop?

If the student does not have access to a computer then anything as simple as writing a paper impossible since, especially in the upper grades it is necessary for papers to be typed not handwritten.

How many people will be sharing this computer/laptop?

This is important because this could determine how much time the student would have access to a computer. If four students are sharing a computer than on average each student would only have about an hour of time on the computer.

Does this computer/laptop have access to the internet?

If the computer/laptop does not have internet access than that would greatly limit what a student can do and what type of homework a teacher could assign. The teacher would have made sure that the students could access all of their homework when they are offline.

Do know what Google is?

Google is a huge search engine and can be overwhelming it one does not know how to navigate it.  Learning how to refine ones research is important to find what one is looking for.

What is Wikipedia?

When first looking for anything online almost always the first cite that comes up on any google search is a Wikipedia site. All teachers know that they cannot completely trust anything that Wikipedia has unless it is on a different site.

Do you what Google docs/drive etc. is?

Some schools are switching over to google docs and use the drive. It helps students not forget homework at home.  It helps keep them organized and helps with group projects.