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Techno Icebreakers

Techno Icebreakers

Author: Joseph Smith

The objective of this resource is to give educators as well as other professionals creative ideas in regards to ice breakers for online learning environments and professional business endeavors. Positive change is always beneficial. Sometimes it's good to obtain new and creative way to keep your audience interested and engaged in the topic(s).



Techno Icebreakers are fun activities that assist students/professionals in the process of getting to know each other and can potentially minimize the perceived distance in online learning environments. These activities have the potential to move learners towards an authentic learning community with a clear understanding of the interests, needs, and work habits of their virtual colleagues. Also, these resources might be quite effective at exploring cultural differences that might be present within groups and other professionals working at great distances.















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Techo Icebreakers

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We should all be aspirants of success! I hope this helps with the brainstorming process. Enjoy!