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Technologies used in Flipping

Technologies used in Flipping

Author: sonya rosenglick

This tutorial will introduce students to many different technologies to use in flipping a classroom. 

At the end of this lesson, students will determine which technologies they will use in creating their first tutorial and will choose one technology to teach to the class.

Students will be exposed to different technologies used for flipping classrooms.  They will try different technologies, teach at least one technology,  and use some of them in their future  tutorials.

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Prezi Presentation on Flipping

This link will lead to a presentation using Prezi.  When the Prezi loads, choose the forward arrow to view the next (slide).

Source: Crystal Kirch

Another Prezi

Okay, sorry.  I couldn't resist.  This Prezi is awesome.  It includes video and even more technology and information on flipping. 

 FYI  Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 includes a new function for easy inserting of  videos. (but these Prezis look so cool)

Source: Crystal Kirch

Technology and Resources

I found this tutorial on  It summarizes some technologies you can use with in order to create your tutorials.  Follow this link to Aaron Mullally's tutorial.  Read the blog that follows.

Source: Aaron Mullally's tutorial on

The Insert Tab on

This file shows what types of files you can insert in


Source: Sonya Rosenglick

Linking to a URL in

View a screencast made from Jing on how to attach a link to a URL in  After I created this video on Jing, I chose the screencast button on the left of the Jing screen to send the URL to Jing.  Then I attached the URL link here.

Source: Sonya Rosenglick

Embedding video in

This Jing video demonstrates how to embed code of a video into so that students can view it.  After I created the screencast in Jing, I sent it to via Jing and pasted the link here.

Source: Sonya Rosenglick


Your assignment for this tutorial is to decide which technology you would like to learn and share with the class by teaching it to us in January.  Please choose from the following list and then record your choice below in the questions blog.  Please do not choose a technology that someone else has already chosen.




Camtasia Studio

Google forms






Keynote slides

ipad:  screencastomatic, screenchomp, Educreations, or ShowMe

Source: Sonya Rosenglick

Using Jing to show screencastomatic

Click here to view the video.

Quiz on Technologies used in Flipping

Source: google docs