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Technology 101

Technology 101

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Watch all of the videos & review the Logging On & Connecting to the Server information below.  Once you've watched all the videos and read the tips, you may then take your Technology 101 Quiz on Schoology.

Tehnology 101 Videos

Connecting to the Server:

Connecting to the Server on a PC:

Logging Off Online Accounts:

​Log Out for Computer Safety:

Just Be Responsible, Log Out:

Logging On & Connecting to the Server

Logging onto a PC

  • To log onto a PC, hit CTRL + ALT + DELETE  to log on
  • Click Other User
  • Use the following information to log on:
    • User Name: Graduation Year then First Name dot Last Name (ex. 17Melissa.Cunningham)
    • Password:  Student ID
  • Once you log on, you will automatically be connected to the server, no separate step is required

Logging Onto a Mac

  • To Log onto a Mac, click Student
  • You must manually connect to the Server
  • In the Finder Menu, click Go > Connect to Server
  • Type in the IP address or choose it from a list
  • The Mac Server is smb://
  • There is no need to memorize this, simply remember to choose the one that ends in .61