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Recall the characteristics of a tech mindset.

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This section will explore technology by discussing:

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You already know that technology plays a role in virtually every job in every industry because you are taking this course about IT careers, right? You likely have an affinity for tech if you are thinking about a career in this field. The ability to confidently and effectively use technology makes you more productive, helps you complete your work, and gives you a competitive advantage. This section will show you why the right mindset matters, and how you can apply technology to help future-proof your career.

Because tech is continually evolving, practicing your technology skill starts with having the right mindset. When you adopt a tech mindset, it means you believe you can grow your technology skill throughout your life and career to achieve your personal and professional goals. It’s also important to note that developing your technology skill doesn’t mean you’ll become a tech expert overnight. Instead, when you encounter new technological tools in the workplace, you can figure out how to use those tools by researching them and relying on what you already know. Be confident in yourself, and in the knowledge that you can use your technology skill to help get any job done, whether it’s watching a YouTube video that shows you how to change a tire, accessing the Sophia platform on your phone, or using a mindfulness app like Headspace to meditate.

While there’s a growing demand for development, engineering, and data science jobs, those aren’t the only kind of technology skills that employers are looking for. A willingness to adapt to new technology has become essential in modern workplaces. And when it comes to starting your career, technology can also help you stand out. You can apply this skill to create a targeted and stylish résumé, a well-crafted LinkedIn page, and an effective strategy for finding the right position using a variety of online resources. When you’re able to confidently use what you already know to learn new technology, you become a more “in demand” job applicant (Rayome, 2; Shellenbarger, 3).

Different people will have different comfort levels with new digital tools, and that’s okay. You may feel like a novice compared to one person, but you’re probably an expert compared to someone else! It’s all relative, so instead of wishing you were as savvy as someone with more experience, focus on what you are comfortable doing and use that to lean into new areas where you can further develop your skills.

This might require you to apply your self- and social awareness skill.

term to know

The ability to confidently and effectively use technologies to be productive, complete goals and tasks, and maintain a competitive advantage.


Technology is not only reshaping the work many people do, but it’s actually changing how we work. You may have heard that automation and artificial intelligence, or AI, are taking the place of certain roles. But don’t worry about competing with robots for jobs! The 10 Skills you’re learning throughout this course are skills that AI can’t replace. That’s especially true of your technology skill.

According to Global Workplace Analytics, the number of employees working remotely has grown by 91% over the past 10 years. Thanks to new tech tools, it’s easy for colleagues to share documents, talk to one another and collaborate, even if they’re thousands of miles apart. At Poodle Jumper, we have 100% work flexibility for employees to work remotely whenever they need to. This is becoming the new normal for many organizations, so it is essential to be comfortable using these technologies.

As you become more familiar with new technological advances, you’ll want to take it one step further and seek out new tools. By being the person in your workplace who is willing to adapt and learn new technology, you’ll give yourself and your company a competitive advantage. Many of the technologies we rely on to run Poodle Jumper didn’t exist ten years ago.

Remember, you don’t have to be a tech expert to succeed in your life and career. You just have to embrace your technology skill and ride the wave of change.

Here are a few tips for maintaining the right mindset when you’re learning new tech:
  • Remember, confidence takes practice. You have an opportunity to build your tech mindset every time you face a challenge and a new technology.
  • If you feel stuck, take a slow, deep breath. It’s hard to learn new tech if we don’t feel calm.
  • When all else fails… reboot. Sometimes a simple reset can solve all sorts of problems—and that goes for your mindset, too!

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Terms to Know

The ability to confidently and effectively use technologies to be productive, complete goals and tasks, and maintain a competitive advantage.