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Technology and resources

Technology and resources

Author: Todd Nesloney

Learn how to create an effective Flipped Classroom lesson using technology. This tutorial demonstrates many different types of technology useful in creating your lessons. Our goals are to create media for a flipped lesson, identify what technological resources are available to students, and upload a media lecture to a tutorial on

Identify what technologic resources are available to the students

Create a media lecture and upload it into the tutorial

Emphasize the importance of including notes, worksheets, .PDF files etc. to supplement the lesson media

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You've reached the fourth and final tutorial in Sophia's free professional development, Flipped Classroom Certificate! You’ll want to finish this lesson and complete the quiz at the right of the page. Once you receive the "green check", you have all the information you need to start preparing a lesson for your class as a demonstration of mastery.

Here are the steps to receive your certification:

  1. Determine what lesson you would like to use as an online tutorial. What is a tutorial exactly?
  2. Create the tutorial you’ll use with your students, colleagues or anyone you think would like to learn what you have to teach. For more information about tutorials and what you can include, check out our playlist, All About Content.
  3. Submit the link on the Flipped Classroom Certificate page in Section 3,  Demonstrate Mastery. This will send your work to the submission team at Sophia Learning where they can review and approve your work.
  4. Wait for a return email (it won't be long now) asking for your contact information so we can send you verification.
  5. Don’t forget to check out our full Teacher Help Page and see all the amazing things you can do to engage your class.


We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed this free program. Feel free to leave comments or questions in our Teacher Forum. Lastly, don't forget to share the fun with your friends and colleagues - the more the merrier!


Now get busy and let the creating begin! 

- The Sophia Team

Technology & Resources

In this video lesson, we discuss the many technology tools that are at your disposal to create an engaging flip class lesson.

Source: Todd Nesloney via Camtasia for Mac

Technology & Resources

Slides to accompany the video above.

Source: Todd Nesloney via Powerpoint for Mac

You did it!


You did it!! Congrats! You have officially reached the end of your Filpped Classroom Certification. Be sure to go back and look at any of the lessons that you need to, and let know how everything went!  Also, don't forget to create your first lesson on Sophia so that you can finish your certification!

We hope that you have had a great time learning how to be an effective Flipped Classroom Teacher, and I personally want to welcome you to the world of "Flipping"!


If at any point you need to get back to the Flipped Classroom Pathway you can click on the link.